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Product Overview

Silicate Silica Paint HP

Silicate Paint provides a long-lasting, breathable paint finish both internally and externally. It can be applied onto a wide range of surfaces, including lime and cement based renders, gypsum plasters and stonework. It can be used on both traditional and modern structures and is ideal for troublesome areas, such as damp basements.

Silicate paints are the high-quality and professional coating materials of choice when it comes to ecological and colorfast interior and exterior coatings. Unlike the usual coating materials, silicate paint does not form a film on the substrate material but instead bonds directly with the substrate. The result is highly stable and durable coatings, with particularly convincing long-lasting color and natural effect.

The special property of silica paint  offers diverse possibilities for exterior color design, for example, in new build work or for the restoration of historical building materials. Silicate paints are also the economic and durable alternative to conventional color coatings for interiors. The permanent, capillary-active bonding with the substrate with low resistance to water vapour diffusion ensures the extremely long lives of the mineral paints and enables a natural, coating result.


The use of breathable paints is essential in traditional, solid wall constructions which may contain moisture from a range of sources.  Trapping this moisture in the walls with film-forming acrylic paints can cause serious structural and dampness problems.

For most purposes, apply one coat of  Silicate Primer and two coats of Silicate Paint.  Silcate paint is easy to apply with a brush or roller and dries in hours (although we advise applying no more than one coat per day).

Silicate Paint is a flat matt finish, and is available in over 250 colors

Silicate paints have an interesting history. They were designed at the behest of King Ludwig I of Bavaria in the last 18th Century. Ludwig commissioned a paint that looked and worked like limewash, of which he was a great admirer, but was more durable in the harsh winter climate. The small pore size of silicate paint allows high water vapour permeability (breathability), while at the same time these small  pores don’t allow the larger rainwater molecules to penetrate. There are instances in Germany of silicate paints lasting 100 years !

Like limewash, silicate paint soaks into the mineral substrate. In addition to this, potassium silicate (waterglass) reacts chemically to form a microcrystaline bond – a process known as silicification.

Silicate paints have a comparable thermal expansion co-efficient to a mineral substrate. This minimises the stresses and damage caused by differential expansion.

Silicate Paint has a number of advantages over other masonry paints and washes:

✔︎ Highly breathable paint: allowing water vapour to escape from the structure whilst being resistant to rain.
✔︎ Unaffected by UV light: acrylic paints can become brittle over time.
✔︎ Very durable: a life expectancy of many years if applied correctly onto a suitable surface.
✔︎ Resistant to airborne pollutants and acid rain. 
✔︎ Suitable for a wide range of substrates including lime and cement renders, gypsum plasters and stonework. Please contact us for advice on other substrates such as existing painted surfaces.
✔︎ The solvent is water rather than petrochemical – so virtually no VOCs.
✔︎ Scrubbable: ideal for high-traffic areas.






Over 250 great colors (including white).

Moisture regulating
Matt with rustled lime effect
Mould resistant due to alkalinity
 Can be repeatedly renovated
 Free from solvents

Non film forming


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Tech Sheet Silicate Silica Mineral Paint PDF

You can dilute with water 20%

Cover: 60-80 sqf/ quart

Size: 14 Liters - 5 Gallons Pail

Exterior / Interior Use