Metallica Paint

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Metallica Paint
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Metallica Paint 

Size - 1 Liter



Metallica are the finest quality metallic paint made in Italy. We offer the largest collection of metallic paints. Water based formula provides high performance in terms of durability and longevity. The rich lustrous color that has been exceptionally well received by Interior Designers, Architects, Faux Finish applicators and painters. It can be used for historical restoration, commercial, residential. 

Pearlescent or nacreous pigments have become popular in the creation of luster effects in coatings. This has enabled the generation of new and unique color effects for automotive, industrial, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. The pearlescent effect is produced by the specular reflection of light from the many surfaces of the platelets with parallel orientation at various depths within the coating. Light striking the platelets is partially reflected and partially transmitted through the platelets. A pearly luster effect is produced by the dependence of reflection on viewing angle, and the sense of depth is created by reflection from many layers. The platelets must be extremely smooth to maximize reflected light, and any surface roughness diminishes the lustrous effect. Non-fine particles or pigments with rough edges can also negatively affect the lustrous appearance

Description Metallics nearly always consist of a base coat with a clear lacquer or urethane top coat for protection and extra gloss. Historically, it was difficult to achieve an invisible repair if the paint was damaged because it is critical at which angle the flakes in the paint lie. Modern techniques have more or less eliminated this problem.


Spread rate: 50 to 70 square feet per quart.