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Faux Glazes

Atova has recenlty re-thought it's faux finishing mentality. We've created 3 main categories for our glaze. Within these 3 categories, you'll find all your faux finishing needs. Mineral faux glazes, acrylic faux glazes, and designer faux paints make up these three groups. When searching for a solution for adding the finishing touches or for color washing texture, Atova clearly describes what glazes react best with various textures such as Venetian Plaster, Marmorino, aggregates, and Intonachino. For acrylic based systems, Atova assigns glazes suitable for such applications, and others glazes for mineral based systems.

If you're scratching your head, let us explain. In order to preserve certain application systems, such as a mineral based system, we often recommend a finishing mineral glaze such as Velatura. This breathable silicone/mineral based glaze will not create a layer of skin over the texture, a potentially negative approach for long term preservation. So we've categorized Velatura as a mineral faux glaze, compatible with other mineral products and surfaces.

Another example, Velatura is often used as the finishing glaze for the Travertine Tile effect. Absorbing into the texture as would a stain, while maintaining a porous and breathable surface after curing, Velatura is quite unique in this sense. Allowing moisture to escape, and preventing surface coat peeling or flaking, it completes a mineral based finishing system. Inherently, mineral paints and glazes do not flake or peel.

When utilizing acrylic based textures, suitable acrylic faux glazes such as Contrast, Flouart, Fauxcal, and extenders are more appropriate. Adding extenders to such products enables a longer open-time, without effecting the glazes properties and color patterns. You'll find, that no matter which faux glaze technology you use, when finishing over mineral textures, glazes all react quite similar. They absorb glaze extremely quick as it fills up the pores of the surface. A sometimes negative effect, using less porous textures such as Muro Antico is likely the key to better faux flexiblity over texture.

Faux paints, such as Contrast or Flouart, when used on their own, provide amazing character not found in common faux glazes. Their effects are rich in design and color. When applied in small subsequent patches, they can create even the most complex faux finishes without the sometimes overwhelming need for advanced artistry or technique.

So determining which glaze is right for you can be simple. Reviewing our visual effect center should give you a good idea of when and how each faux glaze can be used. Pay close attention to the products used to create an effect. This info is usually located at the bottom of each panel or visual effect image. Practice is doing, and there's nothing like doing, so as you gather your materials, don't forget to order small samples of all the products and tools you'll need to create a stunning portfolio for your next project.

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