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Boldrini Trowels

Boldrini Tools for Decorative Plasters Finishes

ONLY MADE IN ITALY Research and perfection of production technologies; quality control of raw materials and processes; innovation and customisation. That is how Boldrini has created its success, all proudly Italian. Each tool produced displays a label with a 100% Italian flag.

TRADITION AND INNOVATION From floats with sponge rubber to steel trowels, to knee-pads made of polyurethane sponge resin. The company has always tried to open up new horizons to offer a different innovation concept; sometimes introducing exciting novelties, other times reviewing products that are dear to craft traditions in order to enhance their end performance. The common thread is constant research that enables the technologies of the various processes to be improved: from mould design to sponge rubber production, to polyurethane and plastics moulding. A macrocosm that starts and finishes "in-house".



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