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Bottega Powder Plasters

We now offer a new line of  Powder Plaster by Bottega del Restauro.

Natural mineral lime hydrated and hydraulic lime.

Bottega del Restauro plaster for exteriors and interiors, mimicking antique plaster which has weathered over time. The presence of grains of marble of varying colors, which rise from the matte surface of the plaster makes this one of the most precious and impressive stuccos.


These beautiful powder plasters are designed for both restoration and new construction projects.


Bottega del Restauro was born thanks to Mr. Dal Ponte Giovanni fifty-year experience in the building sector, and since twenty years it produces and sells premixed natural and breathable lime plasters. Our firm is specializing in restoration and building conservation with a particular historical interest, but we had never neglected the new buildings.
Our strength is to realize all the products trying to satisfy all the customers’ requests and following the different numerous market demands. We produce not only the plasters and the colors that you can find on our catalogue, but also materials by sample, which can change both in the formulation and in the colors depending on your personal preference. The plasters are colored exclusively with earths and natural oxides, according to the decoration masters’ traditions, and they are really easy to use thanks to their formulation, which is inspired to the most ancient recipes.
Our production includes thick cementitious base coat, plasters with ground shards, skimming plasters with different grains, different slaked lime finishes (for the paste products) and fine slaked lime (for the dusty products).
Our commitment is to guarantee you the plaster that you prefer, with the maximum solidity and professionalism: a breathable plaster that can maintain the color and the beauty of the natural finish over time.


We carry 7 different powder products:


Decorative wall semi-gloss finish, made from lime putty, paste ready to make a marble effect surfaces of carrara.


Travertino is a special decorative finishing, for interiors and exteriors. Travertino has a natural stone appearance, with pitted marks revealing the marble and textured undercoat. The plaster is based on sand, selected marble powders and matured lime putty that allows the realization of natural travertine stone, characterized by dragged pits and troughs within the smooth surface. Travertino plaster prevents the development of mould, algae and bacteria. It has a low odor level, is non inflammable and is friendly to both humans and the environment.
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These traditional Venetian plaster are available in coarse, medium, fine or extra fine forms. The finish can be glazed to add more old-world look. Multiple coulors can be used to create unique stone finishes. Intonachino has an antique and soft decorative effect is achieved with a highly breathable and naturally anti mould surface which has a strong adhesion to the background substrate.

Marmorino decoration on floors is a superb durable finishing touch to special areas of the home and professional interior, adding an unmatched atmosphere of luminosity and air.  The product is washable and highly resistant to scratching due to the high concentrates of pure white marble powder and the efficiency found in the epoxy resin binder.
Marmorino Floor is suitable for any area: bathrooms, kitchens, stairs, hallways, or bedrooms.  It has a lightly polished finish with a transparent look.

Lime based wall stucco decorative plaster for either interior or exterior use although the finish of this style is more suited to larger external areas. It is a decorative method mimicking antique plaster which has weathered over time. The presence of grains of marble of varying colors which rise from the matte surface of the plaster makes this one of the most precious and impressive decorative plaster stucco.
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Decorative lime plaster with granules of burned clay, has a "burning" effect typical of cocciopesto and lime plasters with a translucent effect. It's highly decorative, encaustic, glossy finish. Unparalleled breath-ability and mold resistance.
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Tadelakt is a completely waterproof, polished plaster which can be used on the interior and exteriors of buildings. It is the traditional coating of the palaces, hammams and bathrooms of the riads in Morocco. Its traditional application includes being polished with a river stone and treated with a soft soap to acquire its final appearance and water resistance.
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For more information call us at: 708-452-9982 or

visit our new website www.bottegarestauro.com


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