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Waxes and Sealers


Atova finishes and protections have a finishing and protective function for achieving the best decorative effects and durability.

Atova range of finishes and protections includes Hydro Protection, a water based long lasting, surface-finishing, transparent, water/oil repellent and stainless treatment; Isalcone S, a water repelling specific protection for civil, industrial and monumental buildings;  L105 Viero Wax, a transparent protective finishing paste; Natur Wax, a protective wax for floated and stucco finishes;  Wax Cera Naturale Liquid, a water based on natural soap for lime based smooth finishing; Fissativa Acrylico Fixative Acrylic is a sealer based on low-odor acrylic resins. It is a Single component, physicaly drying, flat, acrylic, transparent paint for a simple, consolidated impregnation layer. It is highly recommended as a base coat for stucco and plaster, as it drastically improves anchorage and absorbtion rates.

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