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Marmorino Venetian Plaster


Marmorino, also considered Lime Spatula, is trowel applied, paste plaster bases on calcium oxide for interior and exterior use. It can be finished using multiple techniques for a variety of matte, satin, and glossy final effects. Due to its outstanding hardness, transpirability, and gloss, it is a solution that is becoming more and more popular not only for its decorativeness, but rather for its convenience. Marmorino Venetian plaster can be applied directly over cementitious or mineral substrates, eliminating many of the steps in the building process, or directly over primer walls. Its porous surface can allow for the exchange of important elements such as water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc; or on the contrary, it can be sealed using special preparation or finishing co-products. The natural composition of Marmorino makes it anti-molding and fungi-proof, preventing architectural deterioration and internal damage. Overall, it is a multipurpose, highly prestigious, decorative plaster for cotemporary and classic decoration.


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