Marmorino Carrara

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Marmorino Carrara
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Marmorino Veneziano Carrara is a blade-applied wall coating based on slaked lime putty finely filtered and seasoned for at least 6 months and on natural inert charges. Its environmental friendly formula is solvent free (0% VOC) and extremely low in chemical additives (less than 1,50% in total dry residue). 

Available Sizes: 1 Liter, 1 Gallon & 4 Gallons

Spread rate: 11-19 Sq. ft. per quart.

Easy to apply, it has excellent filling power and resists aggression by moulds and bacteria. Marmorino Veneziano Carrara is suitable for decorative indoor wall surfaces. Perfectly stable over time, it ensures outstanding breathing through properties thanks to its excellent permeability to water vapor.

Surface preparation: Apply a coat of Fondo Fine primer to any surface such as, existing plaster, plasterboard, drywall, or paint.
Application: Apply first coat of Carrara untinted evenly to the surface with a stainless steel trowel. Apply second coat wet on wet directly over first coat applying pressure so that the grains appear on the surface. While second coat is drying, begin to polish by ap- plying pressure to the surface with the trowel.

This product can be custom tinted to any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color, this is an additional cost based on color/pigment. Please call 708-452-8819 for tinting charges. 

Marmorino Veneziano CarraraTech Sheet in Pdf

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