About Us


Atova International is a leading supplier for some of Italy’s most notable decorative plaster products.

Carrying a vast range of decorative plasters in both wet and dry form and bringing the most recognizable

names in Italian Plaster Tools to the US, we are the professionals choice for interior/exterior decorative

plaster needs. Delivering only the finest Venetian Plaster and Lime Based Marmorino plasters from Italy,

enhancing the final overall finish of any project. The selection of Lime Based Plasters varies from fine Classic

Marmorino and Venetian Plaster to an expansive selection of plasters with many different size aggregates to

choose from, depending on the finish, texture and application. Keeping with our innovative history, Atova

stands alone in the bringing of “Marmorino Floor” to market. Our product line has expanded to carry a

Marmorino Floor Product which can be used to install the same beautiful lime base plaster finish for walls but

now on your floor surface too! 


Servicing the professional plasterer, decorative plasterer and masonry trades, our extensive line of

professional tools out of Italy is by far the largest in the United States. Carrying the Full Line of Pavan

Professional Tools along with the rebranded Marmorino Decorative Tool line.


 Contact us for wholesale pricing and large quantities of both our tools and plaster products.