Baldecor Lucido Glaze - Glossy Finish

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Baldecor Lucido - 1 Liter
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Glossy Finish

Baldecor Lucido is an acrylic, resin based glaze for interior use that delivers soft shades and particular decorative effects. Baldecor Lucido is a washable decorative paint/glaze applicable to walls, wood, metal, and plaster. Its inherent versatility allows for thousands of different aesthetic solutions depending on the tools or techniques used during application. The products modified acrylic base allows for it to be cleaned with non-abrasive detergents after it has dried for at least 10 days. Baldecor Lucido is a ready to use solution, typically characterized by classic effects such as Marble, Intrecci Effect, Stippled, Nuances, or Sponge. Overall, it is a high-end decorative paint/glaze that provides soft, delicate, subtle shades for maximum depth and decoration.


Sizes: 1 Liter & 1 Gallon

Spread rate: 60 to 80 square feet per liter.


This product can be custom tinted to any color from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. Tinting is an additional charge based on color, call 708-452-8819 for tinting and pricing.