Encausto Fiorentino

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Encausto Fiorentino
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Encusto Fiorentino

Wonderfull Marmorino Effects
Resulting from the ancient synergy of particular marble chips with lime putty, for elegant and original marble-looking opaque and semi-opaque effects. Encausto Fiorentino
Surface preparation: Can be applied on both interior/exterior surfaces. It is recommended to apply over other natural lime surfaces, but it can also be applied after one coat of Primer RV, on plaster, plaster by-products, or old paint, if surface is not cracked or peeling.

Application: Spread a coat of Encausto Fiorentino with a stainless steel trowel to level the surface. Apply a second coat of Encausto Fiorentino as to obtain a per- fectly smooth surface . Once the product is dry, compress slightly and polish with a clean stainless steel trowel until the desired result is obtained . 

Encausto Fiorentino: Available in: 1Quart, 1Gallon, 2 Gallons, & 4 Gallons pails
Spread rate: 12 to 15 Sq. ft. per quart

We can custom color match any paint manufacturer’s deck. 

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Encausto Fiorentino

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