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Coccio Pesto
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Decorative lime plaster with cocciopesto– terracotta grains, combining the sfiammature effect typical of the cocciopesto and the lime putty translucent quality. COCCIO PESTO is a natural decorative stucco in paste obtained thanks to the combination of old recipes and new technologies allowing to obtain dotted marble-like semi-matt finishes with special shades realized through to the presence of cocciopesto grains. This product is endowed with an excellent perspiration and an extraordinary anti-mold, it can be applied on both external and internal walls. It hardens in consequence of the chemical process of carbonatation: the calcium hydroxide (primary binder of the product) reacts with the carbonic anhydride present in the air by producing calcium carbonate, which is marble.

Cocciopesto: slaked lime and cocciopesto-based decorative stucco Preparation of the support: The application on lime supports is recommended, but it can also be applied on plaster or by-products, old hydropaints, only if strong and well-fixed, after the application of one coat of Primer S (photo nr. 1). Application: Spread a coat of Cocciopesto with a stainless steel trowel so as to level the support (photo nr. 2).Apply a second coat of Cocciopesto so as to obtain a perfectly smooth surface. Once the product is almost dry, compress slightly and polish with a clean stainless steel trowel so as to show off all the shades deriving from the crushing of the cocciopesto grains (photo nr. 3).

Spread Rate: 12 to 15 sqft /quart (2 coats)

Available Sizes: 1 Liter, 1 Gallon & 4 Gallons

The product can be custom tinted to any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color, this is an additional cost based on color/pigment. Please call 708-452-8819 for tinting charges. 

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