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  • Stucco Marmo Lime Marmorino Venetian plaster
  • Stucco Marmo Lime Marmorino Venetian plaster

Stucco Marmo Lime Plaster Smooth

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    Stucco Marmo
    Superior marble looking lime plaster for glossy translucent finishes typical of the Renaissance period.

    Classicly known to the Italian plasterer, is a smooth calcium based plaster known as Lime Spatula or Calce a Spatola. Lime Spatula is a medium that creates elegant and marble like patterns, unlike any decorative coating on todays market. Newly emerging lime based products such as MarmoFloat, MarmoStone, and MarmoQuartz are all similar in the fact that they are all made up of "little bits of marble." An ingredient responsible for the products hardening power, micro-crystallization, and permeability. These "inorganic" products are becoming very important for todays modern finisher. Responsible for hundreds of effects, the Marmorino mediums give finishers the ultimate ability to create or replicate virtually any surface texture or design.

    Stucco Marmo - Natural decorative covering in paste, Stuco Marmo is produced according to the experience of old formulas and with the aid of new technologies. It allows to obtain a marble-like finishing, typi-cal of the venetian eighteenth-century style. Endowed with a complete perspiration and with an ex-traordinary anti-mold power power of the lime, it can be applied on both external and internal walls. It hardens as a result the chemical process of carbonatation: the calcium hydroxide (primary binder of the product) reacts with the carbonic anhydride present in the air by producing calcium carbon-ate, which is marble.

    Surface preparation: It is recommended to apply over other natural lime surfaces, but it can also be applied after one coat of Primer S, on plaster, plaster by-products, or old paint, if surface is not cracked or peeling.
    Application: Apply first coat of Stucco Marmo with a stainless steel trowel. When the first coat has dried, spread a second coat of product in the same manner as the first coat. Allow second coat to dry and then apply small spots of product and then take them away (“put and remove” technique) . As the product is drying, compress and polish until the desired result is obtained.
    Available in: 1Quart, 1 Gallon, 2 Gallons, 4 Gallon pails.
    Spread rate: 20 to 30 Sq. ft. per quart.


     You can choose any color from any painting brand company and call us 708-452-9982 and we can custom color match for you.

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