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  • Ghibli | Damask effect
  • Ghibli | Damask effect
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Ghibli | Damask effect

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    Damask is the decorative effect that draws inspiration from damask fabrics where the design is highlighted by contrast of brightness between the base and the surface and the alternation of material areas with smooth areas. The application with Ghibli painting proposed here, is characterized by the presence of natural quartz sands that give materiality and enhance the surface with soft movements and textures reminiscent of the dunes of the desert or the sea. Ideal solution for environments with a natural and harmonious feeling.


    A decorative effect that draws inspiration from precious damask fabrics, in which the design is
    highlighted by the contrasting gloss between the base and the surface, and between rough and
    smooth areas. The natural quartz sands present in the GHIBLI paint give the application a harmonious
    material appearance, enhancing the surface with soft movements reminiscent of desert dunes or sunny beaches.


    Product characteristics:
    GHIBLI is a decorative paint for interiors that makes it possible to achieve elegant aesthetic effects due
    to its special formulation with choice sands. GHIBLI may be used to achieve different effects depending
    on the application technique used and the tool employed.
    VOC Classification (Volatile organic compounds) Directive 2004/42/EC IAQ Class (Indoor Air Quality)
    Matt paints for interior walls and ceilings.
    EU VOC limit value for GHIBLI (cat. A/a): 30 g/L (2010). GHIBLI contains no more than 30g/L of VOC

    Produced in MADE IN ITALY

    Main application tools: Spalter brush
    Application method The surface must be uniform, matured, absorbent and free of patches or plastic finishes. In case, clean
    the surface well, removing all traces of previous paint and/or plaster, dirt, grease etc., by brushing,
    sanding or with cleaning equipment. Apply a coat of PRYMER ACQ in case of chalky surfaces. Render,
    if necessary, with STUCCO FONDO and let it cure. Apply a coat of MULTIQUARTZ and then 2 or 3
    coats of product.
    Practical tips The base coat should be set, clean and free from any chipping, peeling and/or dampness. New
    plasters should be left to age for at least 4-5 weeks to allow for complete carbonation.
    Environmental conditions -> temperature: min. + 5 °C/max. + 35 °C, relative humidity: < 75%.
    Primer conditions -> temperature: min. + 5 °C/max. + 35 °C, humidity: < 10 with respect to relative humidity.
    Shake the product before use or, if it is very dense, use a spatula or a mixing drill to achieve a workable consistency.
    It is recommended that the colour of the completely dried product be checked before application.
    Do not apply the product on surfaces exposed to direct sunlight or in the presence of strong drafts.
    Do not rework on the same surface.
    Do not interrupt application in the middle of a wall.
    The product may not be stored for more than 48 hours after dilution.
    Rinse used tools with water immediately after use.
    Keep the paint can sealed and away from freezing temperatures and sunlight.





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