Spiver Caravaggio - Silver

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Silver - 1 Liter
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Spiver Caravaggio - Silver

Caravaggio combines the precious features of the Venetian stucco with the original elegance, softness and light effects typical of the ancient wall fabrics, used in the Renaissance. Caravaggio allows you to obtain some extraordinary results (never seen before with other traditional paints) by exploiting the decorative abilities and creativity of the painter who can create original nuances with very different applications, suitable for all kinds environments. Caravaggio Plaster combines the velvet effect of Venetian plaster with the original elegance, softness, and light effects typical of wall fabric. Caravaggio allows you to create a unique look and effect with every stroke and twist of the trowel. Although, Caravaggio look can be extremely elegant, it is suitable for all types of interior wall environments.

Surface preparation: sand, dust, and level any imperfections with joint compound. Apply a coat Universal Fixative diluted in water between 1:R to 10:R. evenly to the entire surface with a brush or roller. Allow to dry for four hours.

Application: “Spatolato Effect” Apply the first coat of product about 0.5 to 1 mm in thickness with a Pavan plastic trowel. Allow it to dry for about 6-8 hours. Apply the second coat in small areas about one square meter at a time and immediately go back over the applied surface gently using the plastic trowel/spatula in different directions and continue over entire surface in the same manner.

Sizes: 1 Liter & 4 Liters
Spread rate: 40-50 sq. ft. per liter


Tinting is available at an additional cost, please call 708-452-8819 for information on tinting. 


Stucco Caravaggio Catalog in PDF

 Stucco Caravaggio Full Catalog in PDF

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