Ruralis Lime Intonachino

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Ruralis Lime Intonachino
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Lime Stucco Intonaco

Lime Stucco Intonaco is a through colored decorative lime stucco for indoor/outdoor use. It has a granular finish, and is based on well seasoned air binders, mineral pigments, and selected extenders of various grain sizes. Intonaco has a high transpiration power and excellent adhesion rate to the substrate, which enhances the user friendly experience. The product does not crack and fights the formation of mold inside buildings. It drastically reduces blooming, due to a limited presence of mineral salt inside the stucco. Overall, it is a professional decorative stucco with a wide range of uses that provides excellent features other than its physical appearance. 
Lime Stucco Intonachino is a decorative lime stucco for indoor/outdoor use. It’s granular formula makes for a variety of different finishes simulately effects of natural stone which vary greatly from its natural appearance.
Surface preparation: Before applying this product, wet the surface, which must be suita- bly cured. Spread the product evenly over the surface using stainless steel trowels. For best results, it is advised to apply Intonachino in two coats. The first must be spread with a tight. finish. When dry, wet the surface again and apply the finishing coat moving the trowels to provide an antique effect. It is essential to use a two-coat application cycle for surfaces that have been patched or grooved, as such defects may give rise to differing levels of absorption, spoiling the final appearance of the product. Top coat velatura water base glaze.

Avaiable in: 1 Quart and 4 Gallons 14 Liters
Spread rate: 6 to 11 Sq. ft. per quart


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