Magadis Decorative Glaze

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Magadis Decorative Glaze
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Magadis Decorative Glaze


Magadis is semi-transparent, siloxane glaze used to create soft and refined veiling effects. Compatible for both interiors and exteriors, Magadis is a water soluble, decorative resin paint commonly associated with Velatura Effects. The Velatura Effect resembles the traditional Fresco Fresco pattern of transpiring brushstrokes and see through underlying layers. Often creating a seemingly dimensional surface, Encanto uses absorbtion and oxidation rates to create dual tones and suede patterns all on its own. Encanto can be applied on surfaces such as paint, plastic, mineral, wood, or plaster, and is a ready to use solution, diluteable in water.

Delicate chiaroscuro and transparent veils

Painting acrilsilossanica for "veiling effect"Water-repellent with a high permeability to water vapor

An elegant finish for interiors and exteriors.

Magadis - Painting semitransparent siloxane water repellent due to fog
Magadis is painting translucent, waterproof, with high permeability to water vapor, which gives effect to the layer of glaze finish.
It 'a modern interpretation of classic washes, obtained with a single hand. E 'is applicable both for internal and external, which ensures a strong resistance due to the binder acrilsilossanico, is washable and great performance. Can be used for external finishes of walls, walls of existing degraded, for interior walls and interior walls already painted.
Colors With only 1 base can be 100 colors in the chart, universal and oxides.
Magadis, delicate veils and transparent chiaroscuro.


Spread rate: 40 to 60 Sq. ft. per quart.

 You can choos any color from any painting brand company and call us

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