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Visolcalce Marmorin Extra Marmstone



Marmostone Grained Marmorino

VISOLCALCE MARMORIN EXTRA - Lime based finishing plaster, traditional marmorino effect


MarmoStone is a slaked lime finish with a slight texture. Considered a thicker grained Marmorino, capable of creating marble effects when compacted, it can be polished. When left un-compressed, it provides a stone like texture. Popular amongst the traditional travertino effect or limestone effects, it is an elegant finish for both modern and classic settings. MarmoStone is a physically drying, mono-component, lime based finishing putty for base coats and finishing coats. Overall, it is a mold-proof, transpiring, textured finish with a wide variety of uses.


VISOLCALCE MARMORIN EXTRA, Venitian polished plaster (Venetian Marmorin) is a finishing paste ideal to achieve translucent finishes like “calce rasata”. It is based on lime putty, earth pigments, micronized marble, additives and adhesion promoters.

After application it reacts with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere generating microcrystalline calcium carbonate and forming a compact, homogenous and transpiring finish. It gives the wall fascinating effects, specifically indicated for historical buildings and walls particularly where cornices or other decorative friezes are on the facade.

Suitable for application on homogeneous, absorbent and seasoned lime based plasters or lime cement based mortars.

Due to the natural composition of the product the final color will result with a shaded effect according to the absorption of the substrate, the climatic conditions and the method of application.


Method of application


The product is ready to use: mix gently until an homogeneous paste is reached.


Wet the surface then apply one coat of VISOLCALCE MARMORIN EXTRA by stainless steel trowel. Allow to cure for 24 hours then apply a second coat of product and finish with sponge trowel like a standard plaster. If a smooth and translucent finish is required, repass the second coat with a stainless steel trowel by pressing and smoothing the product.


It is possible to give a water repellent protection to the surface by applying a coat of SAPONIL immediately after the VISOLCALCE MARMORIN EXTRA. You can also apply ISALCONE S at least 8 days after and on the perfectly dry surface.


Wash working tools immediately after use.


Consumption Rate: 3 - 4 kg/m² (in two coats)


Interiors and Exteriors use



Available in: 1 Quart, 1 Gallon – 5 kg, 4 Gallon pails – 25 kg.

Spread rate: 8 to 10 Sq. ft. per quart

You can choose any color from any painting brand company and call us 708-452-9982 and we can custom color match for you


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