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  • Travertino TRAVERTINE the most decorative finishes among the Italian lime based plasters
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  • Travertino TRAVERTINE the most decorative finishes among the Italian lime based plasters
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  • Travertino TRAVERTINE the most decorative finishes among the Italian lime based plasters
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  • Travertino TRAVERTINE the most decorative finishes among the Italian lime based plasters


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    This is one of the most decorative finishes among the Italian lime based plasters
    TRAVERTINO Main material with which it was built in ancient Rome, in fact, historically the reducing of powder TRAVERTINE stone, and mixed with art with natural lime, you get a mortar with which they decorate the most important structures of the time in Rome, the Colosseum, fountains, theaters, churches and prestigious Roman villas were adorned with this procedure, by real masters of the application, from the first century before Christ, every major building, civil or religious, public or private, in ancient Rome, exposes stucco ornaments Travertine. The Divine Michelangelo Buonarroti great architect of the time, he used this material in various works carried out within and outside the Basilica of San Pietro in Rome. The stucco travertine, an extremely elegant old world charm, that helps to make any kind of exclusive and refined environment,undoubtedly suitable for housing an antique look, but this does not exclude use in places that it is pleasant enhance the contrast between modern and classic. Resistance, hygienic properties, does not produce toxic fumes in case of fire and with a low environmental impact, used in the BIO-BUILDING, does not give off gas VOCs, are just some of the features of this product that can be used to create a romantic atmosphere each house, offices and commercial premises. The stucco TRAVERTINO according to mode of application can vary its finish, mixing the various components can have different details and nuances in different colors, changing the structure from rustic to polished smooth.

    Versione Italiana

    TRAVERTINO Materiale principale con cui e stata edificata l'antica Roma,storicamente infatti riducendo in polvere la pietra di TRAVERTINO e miscelata ad arte con calce naturale si otteneva una malta con cui venivano decorate le piu importanti costruzioni dell'epoca,il Colosseo,fontane,teatri,chiese e prestigiose ville romane erano impreziosite con questa procedura che veniva adoperata da veri maestri dell'applicazione,infatti dal primo secolo avanti Cristo ogni edificio importante religioso o civile,pubblico o privato dell'antica Roma esibiva ornamenti di stucco TRAVERTINO. Il divino Michelangelo Buonarroti da grande architetto dell'epoca ha adoperato questo materiale in varie opere da lui eseguite all'interno e all'esterno della Basilica di San Pietro di cui si occupo dal 1546 in poi. Lo stucco TRAVERTINO e un materiale estremamente elegante dal fascino antico che contribuisce a rendere esclusivo e raffinato qualunque tipo di ambiente e senza dubbio indicato in abitazioni dal gusto antico,tuttavia non si escude l'utilizzo anche a tutti quei locali ove si renda piacevole evidenziare il contrasto tra moderno e classico. Resistenza,proprieta igieniche,antimuffa,non produce fumi nocivi in caso di incendio e con un basso impatto ambientale,adoperati nella BIO-EDILIZIA ed esenti da gas VOCs, sono solo alcune delle caratteristiche di questo prodotto che puo essere utilizzato per creare un'atmosfera romantica in ogni abitazione,uffici e locali commerciali. Lo stucco TRAVERTINO in base alla modalita' di applicazione puo' variare la sua finitura,miscelando i vari componenti possiamo avere sfumature particolari di volta in volta,in colori diversi,variando la struttura dal rustico al levigato liscio.

    This is one of the most decorative finishes among the Italian lime based plasters.

    Travertino allows you to achieve very desirable effects, which are similar to famous Italian marble.

    Finely filtered white hydrated lime, grains of marble (special powdered marble granules sifted and selected according to granule size of 0,0 to 0,8 mm = 0.0 - 0.030 inch) and special additives (no more than 2% total in volume)
    Appearance White powder
    Color White, but any color is available on request.
    Type of Surface to be covered
    The ideal substrate is plaster made of sand, lime and cement. However, with the right preparation, it can be applied to any surface.
    Packaging 40 Lbs net - 1 Pail - 18 kg
    Dilution Water must be added to obtain a paste that is easy to apply. Amount of water varies depending on the substrate's absorption. Approximately 0,35 lt. of water per kg of powder.
    Theoretical Yield 1,6 kg per sq.m. / kg 0,15 per sq. foot/ 1,6kg per 10sq Ft
    Drying time 1-4 hours at 20°C (68°F) to the touch, 8-14 hours at 20°C (68°F) below the surface, 60 days stable.
    Application Temperature min. 7°C (44°F) max 30°C (86°F) - U.R. < 90 % ca
    Specific weight 14 ± 0.42 (lb/gal US)
    Fade resistance resistant/non-resistant (ASTM norms)
    pH after 30 days 12± 0,20
    Vapour resistance 28±2 average (ASTM norms)
    Coat Thickness 1,5 mm.
    Inflammability non-flammable
    Shelf Life 24 months
    Storage Suggestion Product maintains its characteristics best if protected from freezing and high temperatures.
    Safety Norms Lime products are caustic. In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children.
    Disposal Product must be disposed of according to the norms and regulations in force. Containers must be recycled.

    New Plaster: Apply directly with a metallic trowel. Over Old Plaster: Clean away dust and apply a quartz primer. Mix the powder with water (about 35% water) Tint with pigment resistant to lime. For exterior application, use pigment resistant to UV-Rays. Apply uniform layer of Intonachino to wall using a steel trowel. After the first layer is completely dry, you may apply a second layer. Be sure to make the surface even with a rubber trowel (sponge float) and using a circular movement a few minutes after application, but before the stucco begins harden.


    Travertino Color Sheet in PDF

    Travertino Tech Sheet in PDF

    Travertino MSDS in PDF




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      Posted by Denny on 15th Jun 2013

      I use this product for most a lot of my projects and it always looks amazing!

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