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Mithos Lux Marmorino

Mithos Lux Marmorino

Lime based wall coating Water repellent, acryl-siloxane plaster



MITHOS LUX is a thin-layer finishing and levelling paste based on lime putty, natural earth pigments, micronized marble, adhesion improvers and special additives. After application the product reacts with carbon dioxide of the air generating microcrystalline calcium carbonate. The micro-porous structure ensure a good water vapour permeability. The controlled dosing of the components permits the application in several coats over the withered product without flaking or cracking.


It is ideal to attain highly refined marble like glossy finishes. It is easy to apply on different nature of substrates provided that they are smooth, plane and properly prepared.


Method of application



The product is ready to use. Mix up gently until the product is workable.


Spread MITHOS LUX with a steel trowel in several coats on the withered product. Polish the final coat only. In case the substrate is not homogeneous. It could be necessary to wait 24 hours before applying and polishing the final coat.


Consuption Rate: 0.5 - 0.8 kg/m² according to the substrate


Interior Only


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