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Coccio Pesto

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coccio pesto hydrated lime, grains of marble
3.00 LBS
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    COCCIOPESTO The discovery of hydraulic mortars is commonly attributed to the Romans, but it seems that the Phoenicians (already in the tenth century BC) they had knowledge. The tanks for drinking water were built by King Solomon in Jerusalem were protected with hydraulic mortars obtained by mixing lime with Cocciopesto. But the Romans were especially widely used in hydraulic mortars in the construction of roads, bridges, water pools, water tanks for the maintenance, but also temples and monuments of rare beauty. The recovery of this technique is bound to knowledge, choice and crushing of brick, brick chosen wisely and experience, and only this course can provide the quality necessary to obtain characteristics similar to those used in the past. By nature the Cocciopesto and a BIO-ECO material, contains no VOCs gas, and it is fully recyclable. In particular its hydraulic characteristics with appropriate technical manual processing, making it waterproof and breathable, therefore particularly suitable for coating baths and kitchens, and is highly recommended in the insulation of walls or floors in permanent contact with moisture 'very active especially in basements, or restoration of exterior or interior with serious moisture problems' all respecting the environment and pollution, with an old product and looking hot. With a correct application, respecting the criteria for implementation, Cocciopesto solve every problem humidity in every American home, with a touch of charm from the past.

    Versione Italiana

    COCCIOPESTO La scoperta delle malte idrauliche è comunemente attribuita ai Romani, ma sembra che anche i Fenici (già nel X secolo A.C.)ne avessero conoscenza.Le cisterne per l’acqua potabile fatte costruire da Re Salomone a Gerusalemme venivano protette con malte idrauliche ottenute mescolando calce con cocciopesto.Ma furono soprattutto i Romani ad utilizzare largamente le malte idrauliche nella costruzione di strade, ponti, acquedotti, piscine,vasche per il mantenimento dell’acqua,ma anche templi e monumenti di rara bellezza. Impastato con calce era utilizzato come rivestimento o componente per pavimentazione in ambienti, molto umidi, sfruttando l’alta capacità traspirante del Cocciopesto.La ripresa di questa tecnica è vincolata alla conoscenza, scelta e frantumazione del laterizio, mattoni scelti con criterio ed esperienza e solo questo può naturalmente offrire le qualità necessarie per ottenere caratteristiche simili a quelle usate nel passato.Per natura il Cocciopesto è un prodotto BIO-ECOLOGICO non contiene gas VOCs ed è totalmente riciclabile. In particolare le sue caratteristiche idrauliche associate ad opportune tecniche di lavorazione manuale lo rendono impermeabile e traspirante, quindi particolarmente adatto per il rivestimento di bagni e cucine, ed e altamente consigliato nell’isolamento di pareti o pavimenti a contatto permanente con umidita’ molto attiva in particolare locali sotterranei o per il risanamento di facciate esterne o interne con seri problemi di umidita’ il tutto rispettando l’ambiente con un prodotto antico e dall’aspetto caldo.Con una giusta applicazione rispettando i criteri di messa in opera il Cocciopesto risolverebbe ogni problema di umidita’in ogni casa Americana,con un tocco di fascino del passato.

    Lime based wall stucco for interior and exterior
    Description : The earthenware FINE is a premixed plaster composed of earthenware from 0 to 1 mm, hydraulic lime, white, inert, and selected additives required for good workability of the product. Good feature is the elastic modulus and low shrinkage, which allows you to fit Cocciopesto FINE restoration and rehabilitation.
    Composition : Finely filter hydrated and hydraulic lime, grains of costly
    colored marble (special powdered marble granules sifted and selected according to granule size of 000 = 0.0 - 0.118 inch), and special additives (no more than 3% total in volume).
    Performance : excellent decorative effect
    excellent drying capacity
    excellent natural anti-mould and mildew
    excellent coating capacity
    excellent workability
    Appearance : This is a plaster for exteriors and interiors mimicking antique plaster which has weathered over time. The presence of grains of marble of varying colors which rise from the matte surface of the plaster makes this one of the most precious and impressive stucco.
    Color : pink
    Type of Surface to be Covered
    New : The ideal substrate on which to apply CoccioPesto is scratch mortar composed of lime and sand, (a little cement in it is possible).
    Old : Old already painted plaster brush down thoroughly and one coat of Quartz
    Primer. Be sure the old paint cannot peel off before applying the primer.
    Packaging : 44 Lbs. - 20 Kg – Plastic Pail.
    Dilution: Water must be added to obtain a paste easy to be applied. It can vary depending on the wall’s absorption.
    Theoretical Yield : 2 kg for sq.mt. Grosso Size grain - 3,5/5 kg for sq.mt. Fine Size grain. 4.4 lbs. for 10 sq. feet. Grosso Size grain 7.7/11 lbs for 10 sq.feet. Fine Size grain.
    Drying (carbonation) : First coat: 3-6 hours at 20°C (68°F) to the touch 8-14 hours at 20°C (68°F) below the surface. 150 days stable.
    Additional coats : 18 hours at 20°C (68°F) minimum.Application Temperatures : Min. 5°C (41°F) max 32°C (90°F) - U.R. < 90 % ca.
    Specific weight : 14.15 ± 0.42 (lb/gal US).
    Fade resistance : Resistant/non-resistant (ASTM norms).
    pH after 30 days : 12.5 ± 0,20.
    Vapour resistance : μ 24 ± 2 average (ASTM norms).
    Vapour permeability : oz/ft2 x 24 h = 0.8520 ± 0.0983 (ASTM norms).
    Coat Thickness : Mm 2 to 4 total for 2 coats.
    Inflammability : Non-flammable.
    Shelf Life : 24 months.
    Storage Suggestion : Product maintains its best characteristics if protected from dump.
    Safety Norms : Lime products are caustic. In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children.
    Disposal : Product must be disposed of according to norms and regulations in force.
    Containers must be recycled

    New Plaster: Apply directly with a metallic trowel. Over Old Plaster: Clean away dust and apply a quartz primer. Mix the powder with water (about 35% water) Tint with pigment resistant to lime. For exterior application, use pigment resistant to UV-Rays. Apply uniform layer of Intonachino to wall using a steel trowel. After the first layer is completely dry, you may apply a second layer. Be sure to make the surface even with a rubber trowel (sponge float) and using a circular movement a few minutes after application, but before the stucco begins harden.

     CoccioPesto Colors in PDF

    CoccioPesto Tech in PDF

    CoccioPesto MSDS in PDF

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    1. Cocciopesto  star rating

      Posted by Ignonfots on 12th Aug 2013

      love this products

    2. Coccio Pesto  star rating

      Posted by Mike on 9th Aug 2013

      Very nice finish with terracotta grains

    3. Coccio Pesto  star rating

      Posted by Dan on 8th Aug 2013

      Great product and looks amazing

    4. Coccio Pesto  star rating

      Posted by Sam Hunter on 8th Aug 2013

      Best Coccio Pesto I've used. I would never buy a different product!

    5. Great Product  star rating

      Posted by Sean Perry on 8th Aug 2013

      This product looks amazing and Is easy to apply

    6. Coccio Pesto  star rating

      Posted by Sandy on 7th Aug 2013

      Coccio Pesto is a great product that looks amazing on walls. The finish look is so beautiful and makes any room look outstanding. I wouldn't pick any other product other than is one.

    7. Coccio Pesto  star rating

      Posted by Mike on 7th Aug 2013

      I really liked this product. I would definitely use it again!

    8. Best product  star rating

      Posted by Sally on 7th Aug 2013

      This product is really nice and looks amazing

    9. Coccio Pesto Plaster  star rating

      Posted by GoBanana098 on 5th Aug 2013

      The plaster is good if you know what you are doing when applying it!

    10. Coccio Pesto  star rating

      Posted by Micheal on 31st Jul 2013

      Best product to use! I wouldn't use any other product than this

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