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    Ceramitz | Ceramized effect

    The ceramized effect is made of colored quartz sand. The application with Ceramitz is distinguished by the presence of very fine sand, its natural and opaque appearance and to give freshness and refinement to the rooms.


    Extremely fine sands of colored quartz give character and personality to this particular decorative finish made with CERAMITZ.

    It produces a matt and natural effect with the appearance of stone, providing freshness and refinement to every setting.

    High quality, continuous wall coating based on colored quartz sands.
    Main characteristics CERAMITZ is a continuous architectural spray-on wall coating for all type of interior and exterior. Especially indicated
    when high resistance to abrasion and shock and to stressing climatic cycles is required. CERAMITZ is an excellent
    water repellent product with good transpiration properties.

    Tintometric system -Classification(UNI 8681)

    Finish coat paint, in water dispersion, single-component, physically drying, matt, acrylic.
    VOC Classification (Directive 2004/42/EC)
    Multi-colors paints.
    EU limit value for Ceramitz (cat. A/k): 100 g/L (2010). Ceramitz contains max. 100 g/L VOC.

    Surface treatment of the substrate:
    On new cement rendering and/or cement lime mortar:
    One coat of VIEROQUARTZ thinned 1:1 with water in a matching color of the product to be used.
    On Gypsum plasters and other very smooth surfaces:
    a) One coat of PRYMER SE and one coat of VIEROQUARTZ thinned 1:1 with water in a matching color of the product
    to be used.
    On chalky, absorbent and degraded surfaces:
    a) Carefully remove all parts not perfectly anchored to the substrate, and restore the surface.
    b) One coat of PRYMER SE and one coat of VIEROQUARTZ thinned 1:1 with water in a matching color of the product
    to be used.

    Note: the application of VIEROQUARTZ in the same color, in addition to giving an initial covering, facilitates the
    application by improving the adhesion of the CERAMITZ on the surface. In all cases, the substrate must be dry, free
    from all traces of oils, clean and mature, in order to support the load of the finished product. Whenever there are any
    doubts about the grade of the consistency of the substrate, it is advisable to use PRYMER SE.

    Application cycle Practical Advice:

    After the preparation of the substrate, apply CERAMITZ using only an airless spray-gun with open cup tank on top,
    (like RDZ) with a 6/8 mm nozzle and using air pressure of about 2 – 2,5 atm. CERAMITZ is ready to use. If
    necessary, dilute the product with maximum 5% of water, maintaining the same thinning throughout the entire
    application. Spray the product uniformly keeping the spray gun always perpendicular to the wall. The thickness of the
    applied product must be at least 1.5 mm.

    Mix the product well before use.
    Environment and surface conditions:
    ambient temperature min. +5°C / max. +35°C;
    ambient relative humidity: it can be applied even in a very humid ambient.
    surface temperature: min. +5°C / max. +35°C
    Dry surface.





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